Just Click Again.com Founded on April 2012. The website is promising and will be officially launch on August 2012.

As a For Profit Charity our goals are to help those with the most dire of circumstances. Normal charities have fund raising then ditribute the money minus their operating costs. A very noble cause. However they have to go back to start again and repeat the process. I had a vision of seeing a social network site that makes money for charity and as the company grows so does the revenue for the charity and so 50% of the company profits will go to worth causes. Like the A21 project. http://www.thea21campaign.org/.


To have a for profit charity site, encouraging all peoples to make a difference in a way that is directly affecting people and Businesses making a tangible difference to the life of people giving their products and services a distinct marketing edge.

About us Our goal is to have a SNS that is based on traditional values, so the use of controversial photos etc will not be tolerated. This is a SNS that we will endeavor to hold up integrity and honesty. We will be posting on our Blogs where your clicks ended up, and how by your normal activity is helping the lives of countless people.

“Just Click Again” http://www.jcagain.com/ Have fun and remember “do unto others as you would have others do unto you!”

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